The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


July 2010 / Volume 55 / Number 07

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Original Research

Evaluation of Aerosol Generator Devices at 3 Locations in Humidified and Non-humidified Circuits During Adult Mechanical Ventilation
by Arzu Ari, Hasan Areabi, and James B Fink—Atlanta, Georgia
Influence of Nebulizer Type, Position, and Bias Flow on Aerosol Drug Delivery in Simulated Pediatric and Adult Lung Models During Mechanical Ventilation
by Arzu Ari—Atlanta, Georgia
Orcin Telli Atalay—Denizli, Turkey
Robert Harwood, Meryl M Sheard, Essam A Aljamhan, and James B Fink—Atlanta, Georgia
Improvement in Emergency Airway Equipment Transport
by Susan R Wilcox, Edward Bittner, Edward George, Valerie Farias Buckley, and Ulrich H Schmidt—Boston, Massachusetts
An Intervention to Improve Respiratory Therapists’ Comfort With End-of-Life Care
by Katherine Brown-Saltzman—Los Angeles, California
Devesh Upadhya—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lyle Larner, and Neil S Wenger—Los Angeles, California
The Short-Term Effects of Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing Treatments on Ventilation in Patients With Neuromuscular Disease
by Claude Guérin, Bernard Vincent, Thierry Petitjean, Pierre Lecam, Christiane Luizet, Muriel Rabilloud, and Jean-Christophe Richard—Lyon, France
Four-Year Calibration Stability of the EasyOne Portable Spirometer
by Gwen S Skloot—New York, New York
Nicole T Edwards, and Paul L Enright—Morgantown, West Virginia
Effects of Inspiratory Rise Time on Triggering Work Load During Pressure-Support Ventilation: A Lung Model Study
by Shinya Murata, Kazuki Yokoyama, Yushi Sakamoto, Ken Yamashita, Jun Oto, Hideaki Imanaka, and Masaji Nishimura—Tokushima, Japan
Adjuncts to Physical Training of Patients With Severe COPD: Oxygen or Noninvasive Ventilation?
by Audrey Borghi-Silva, Renata Gonçalves Mendes, Andreza Cristina Toledo, Luciana Maria Malosá Sampaio, Tatiane Patrocínio da Silva, Luciana Noemi Kunikushita, Hugo Celso Dutra de Souza, Tânia F Salvini, and Dirceu Costa—São Paulo, Brazil
Occupational Exposures and Obstructive Lung Disease: A Case-Control Study in Hairdressers
by Nastran Hashemi—Fresno, California
Mohammad Hossein Boskabady, and Ashraf Nazari—Mashhad, Iran

36th Donald F Egan Scientific Memorial Lecture

Air and Soul: The Science and Application of Aerosol Therapy
by Bruce K Rubin—Richmond, Virginia

25th Philip Kittredge Memorial Lecture

Patient Safety, Quality of Care, and Knowledge Translation in the Intensive Care Unit
by Dale M Needham—Baltimore, Maryland

Case Reports

Solitary Primary Tracheal Small-Cell Lung Cancer Causing Acute Respiratory Failure: Diagnosis and Treatment
by Chou-Chin Lan, Mei-Chen Yang, Chih-Hsin Lee, Shiu-Feng Huang, and Yao-Kuang Wu—Hualien, Taiwan
A 65-Year-Old Man With an Endobronchial Gossypiboma After Lobectomy for Abscessing Pneumoniawith video supplement Video
by Michael Kreuter, Ralf Eberhardt, Matthias Wiebel, Martin R Schulz—Heidelberg, Germany
Klaus-Michael Mueller—Bochum, Germany
and Felix JF Herth—Heidelberg, Germany

Teaching Case of the Month

A Case of Pulmonary Cryptococcosis Caused by Capsule-deficient Cryptococcus neoformans in an Immunocompetent Patient
by Alpeshkumar V Bavishi and Terence M McGarry—Elmhurst, New York
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