The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


August 2002 / Volume 47 / Number 8

Original Contributions

Are Daytime Arterial Blood Gases a Good Reflection of Nighttime Gas Exchange in Patients on Long-Term Oxygen Therapy?
by Julia Tárrega, Rosa Güell, Antonio Antón, Merce Mayos, Ariadna Farré, Francisco R Jerez, Joaquín Sanchis—Barcelona, Spain
Maintaining Oxygenation via Demand Oxygen Delivery During Rest and Exercise
by Brian L Tiep—Irwindale, California, James Barnett, George Schiffman—Mission Viejo, California, Oscar Sanchez—Chatsworth, California, and Rick Carter—Tyler, Texas
Impact of a Radio Frequency Management Information System on the Process and Timing of Providing Respiratory Care Services
by James K Stoller, Lucy Kester, Douglas K Orens, and Kevin McCarthy—Cleveland, Ohio
The Effects of Tidal Volume Demand on Work of Breathing During Simulated Lung-Protective Ventilation
by Richard H Kallet, James A Alonso, Martha Diaz, Andre R Campbell, Robert C Mackersie, and Jeffrey A Katz—San Francisco, California

Special Articles

That Darn Scapula: A Common Pitfall in Interpreting the Chest Radiograph
by Stanley G Cheng and Eric J Stern—Seattle, Washington
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