The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


August 2003 / Volume 48 / Number 8

Original Contributions

Description and Evaluation of a Delivery System for Aerosolized Prostacyclin
by Mark S Siobal, Richard H Kallet, Jean-François Pittet, Edna L Warnecke, Roger W Kraemer, Rajeev V Venkayya, and Julin F Tang—San Francisco, California
Effects of Expiratory Rib Cage Compression and/or Prone Position on Oxygenation and Ventilation in Mechanically Ventilated Rabbits with Induced Atelectasis
by Takeshi Unoki, Taro Mizutani, and Hidenori Toyooka—Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

18th Annual New Horizons Symposium

Pulmonary Function Testing: Updates and Answers


New Horizons in Respiratory Care: Pulmonary Function Testing: Updates and Answers
by Neil R MacIntyre—Durham, North Carolina

Symposium Papers

Standards and Interpretive Issues in Lung Function Testing
by Robert O Crapo and Robert L Jensen—Salt Lake City, Utah
How to Make Sure Your Spirometry Tests Are of Good Quality
by Paul L Enright—Tucson, Arizona
Diffusing Capacity: How to Get It Right
by Robert L Jensen and Robert O Crapo—Salt Lake City, Utah
The Six-Minute Walk Test
by Paul L Enright—Tucson, Arizona
Pulmonary Function Testing: Coding and Billing Issues
by Neil R MacIntyre and Catherine M Foss—Durham, North Carolina

Books, Films, Tapes, & Software

Handbook of Practical Critical Care Medicine
(Varon J, Fromm RE Jr, editors)
reviewed by Jon S Huseby—Seattle, Washington
Evaluating Critical Care: Using Health Services Research to Improve Quality
(Sibbald WJ, Bion JF, editors)
reviewed by Saadia R Akhtar—Seattle, Washington
Critical Care Study Guide: Text and Review
(Criner GJ, D’Alonzo GE, editors)
reviewed by Stefanie Nuñez—Seattle, Washington
Principles of Airway Management, 3rd ed
(Finucane BT, Santora AH)
reviewed by Michael J Bishop—Seattle, Washington
Fungal Infection in the Intensive Care Unit
(Barnes RA, Warnock DW, editors)
reviewed by Gregory C Kane—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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