The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


August 2009 / Volume 54 / Number 8

Podcast   Editor’s Commentary

Original Research

Clinical and Radiologic Distinctions Between Secondary Bronchiolitis Obliterans Organizing Pneumonia and Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia
by Tajender S Vasu, Rodrigo Cavallazzi, Amyn Hirani, Dinesh Sharma, Sandra B Weibel, and Gregory C Kane—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Feasibility of Using E-mail Counseling as Part of a Smoking-Cessation Program
by Riccardo Polosa, Cristina Russo, Annalisa Di Maria, Giuseppe Arcidiacono—Catania, Italy
Jaymin B Morjaria—Southampton, United Kingdom
and Giovita A Piccillo—Catania, Italy

Symposium: COPD—Empowering Respiratory Therapists to Make a Difference

The 2007 GOLD Guidelines: A Comprehensive Care Framework
by Philip M Gold—Loma Linda, California
Spirometry for the Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
by Neil R MacIntyre—Durham, North Carolina
A Stepwise Approach to Management of Stable COPD With Inhaled Pharmacotherapy: A Review
by Ruben D Restrepo—San Antonio, Texas
Tobacco Treatment and Prevention: What Works and Why
by Lynda T Goodfellow—Atlanta, Georgia
and Jonathan B Waugh—Birmingham, Alabama
Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Chronic Lung Disease: Opportunities for the Respiratory Therapist
by Brian W Carlin—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The Clinical Impact of New Long-Term Oxygen Therapy Technology
by Patrick J Dunne—Fullerton, California

Case Report

Recurrent Symptomatic Pleural Effusion Due to a Ventriculopleural Shunt
by Farzan Irani, Hussam Elkambergy, Kelechi Okoli, and Dany S Abou Abdallah—Toledo, Ohio

Teaching Case of the Month

Toluene Toxicity as a Cause of Elevated Anion Gap Metabolic Acidosis
by Robert P Dickson and Andrew M Luks—Seattle, Washington


Expiratory Regulation and the Servo-i Ventilator During Invasive Neonatal Ventilation
by Christer N Ström—Solna Sweden
and Susan P Pilbeam—Bridgewater, New Jersey
author response by Robert M DiBlasi, Jay C Zignego, and C Peter Richardson—Seattle, Washington

Books, Software, & Other Media

Color Atlas and Text of Pulmonary Pathology, 2nd edition (Cagle PT, editor)
reviewed by Jeffrey B Virgin—Seattle, Washington
Transbronchial and Endobronchial Biopsies (Cagle PT, Allen TC, Kerr KM, editors)
reviewed by Francis D Sheski—Indianapolis, Indiana
Respiratory Nursing: A Core Curriculum (Geiger-Bronsky M, Wilson DJ, editors)
reviewed by DorAnne Donesky-Cuenco—San Francisco, California
Continuing Education Examination
CRCE Through the Journal—2009
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