The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


November 2006 / Volume 51 / Number 11


Toward Solving the Critical Care Manpower Crisis
by Constantine A Manthous—Bridgeport, Connecticut
NPPV in Acute Respiratory Failure: Is It Time to Reconsider Where It May Be Applied?
by Robert M Kacmarek—Boston, Massachusetts
High Impact Aerosol Technology Offers Higher Efficiency, But Is Not Ready for Prime Time
by James B Fink—Mountain View, California

Original Contributions

Comparison of 2 Models for Managing Tracheotomized Patients in a Subacute Medical Intensive Care Unit
by Leslie A Hoffman, Thomas H Miller, Thomas G Zullo, and Michael P Donahoe—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Use of Noninvasive Positive-Pressure Ventilation on the Regular Hospital Ward: Experience and Correlates of Success
by Samar Farha, Ziad W Ghamra, Edward R Hoisington, Robert S Butler, and James K Stoller—Cleveland, Ohio
A Method for Increasing Jet Nebulizer Delivery Efficiency for Aerosol Drug Delivery in Ventilated Newborns: An In Vitro Study
by Michael C Quong, Bernard Thébaud, and Warren H Finlay—Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Case Reports

A 45-Year-Old Man With a Lung Mass and History of Charcoal Aspiration
by David B Seder, Robert A Christman, Michael O Quinn, and M Elizabeth Knauft—Portland, Maine

Teaching Case of the Month

Radiation Pneumonitis
by Richard J Wall and Lynn M Schnapp—Seattle, Washington


Heliox Should Be Available in Every Community Hospital
by Jeffrey M Haynes—Nashua, New Hampshire
Heliox Therapy and Devices Cleared by the FDA: After the Engineers Produce Effective Clinical Designs, Why Do Clinicians Still Feel the Need to Jury-Rig?
by Mary Ann Couture—Hartford, Connecticut author response by James B Fink—Mountain View, California

Books, Films, Tapes, & Software

Dyspnoea in Advanced Disease: A Guide to Clinical Management
(Booth S, Dudgeon D, editors)
reviewed by Richard H Kallet—San Francisco, California
Interstitial Lung Diseases: A State-of-the-Art Series
(Oliveri D, editor)
reviewed by Steve T-Y Yang—Singapore; Ganesh Raghu—Seattle, Washington
ABC of Asthma, 5th ed
(Rees J, Kanabar D)
reviewed by Douglas E Masini—Elizabethton, Tennessee
Pharmacotherapy of Asthma
(Li JT, editor)
reviewed by H William Kelly—Albuquerque, New Mexico
Allergy and Asthma in Modern Society: A Scientific Approach
(Crameri R, editor)
reviewed by James P Kemp—San Diego, California
Asthma in the Workplace, 3rd ed
(Bernstein IL, Chan-Yeung M, Malo J-L, Bernstein DI, editors)
reviewed by Ricardo Tan and Sheldon Spector—Los Angeles, California
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