The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


November 2007 / Volume 52 / Number 11


Noninvasive Positive-Pressure Ventilation in Postoperative Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure?ith a Helmet?
by Robert M Kacmarek—Boston, Massachusetts
Noninvasive Positive-Pressure Ventilation: A Silver Bullet for Extubation Failure?
by by Dean R Hess—Boston, Massachusetts
H Thomas Stelfox—Calgary, Alberta, Canada
and Ulrich Schmidt—Boston, Massachusetts
Problem-Based Learning: Any Influence in Respiratory Care?
by Shelley C Mishoe—Augusta, Georgia
Mechanical Ventilation for Severe Asthma
by James W Leatherman—Minneapolis, Minnesota

Original Contributions

Noninvasive Positive-Pressure Ventilation With Different Interfaces in Patients With Respiratory Failure After Abdominal Surgery: A Matched-Control Study
by Giorgio Conti, Franco Cavaliere, Roberta Costa, Andrea Craba, Stefano Catarci,
Valeria Festa, Rodolfo Proietti, and Massimo Antonelli—Rome, Italy
Role of Noninvasive Positive-Pressure Ventilation in Postextubation Respiratory Failure: A Meta-Analysis
by Ritesh Agarwal, Ashutosh N Aggarwal, Dheeraj Gupta,
and Surinder K Jindal—Chandigarh, India
Measurement of Functional Residual Capacity of the Lung by Partial CO2 Rebreathing Method During Acute Lung Injury in Animals
by Lara M Brewer—Salt Lake City, Utah, Dinesh G Haryadi—Wallingsford, Connecticutt,
and Joseph A Orr—Salt Lake City, Utah
Transcutaneous Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Tensions Compared to Arterial Blood Gases in Normals
by Lindell K Weaver—Salt Lake City, Utah
A Comparison of Problem-Based Learning and Traditional Curricula in Baccalaureate Respiratory Therapy Education
by Will D Beachey—Bismarck, North Dakota
Aerosolized Iloprost Customized for the Critically Ill
by Keith W Harris, Thomas G O’Riordan, and Gerald C Smaldone—Stony Brook, New York
Educational Technology Integration and Distance Learning in Respiratory Care: Practices and Attitudes
by Keith B Hopper—Marietta, Georgia
and Carol L Johns—Stockbridge, Georgia

Case Reports

Emergency Extracorporeal Life Support for Asphyxic Status Asthmaticus
by Mark E Mikkelsen, Meredith E Pugh, John H Hansen-Flaschen, Y Joseph Woo,
and Jeffrey S Sager—Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

Special Articles

Wireless On-Demand and Networking of Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilators for Direct Data Capture
by William R Howard—Boston, Massachusetts

Teaching Case of the Month

Bronchial-Pulmonary Artery Fistula With Fatal Massive Hemoptysis Caused by Anastomotic Bronchial Aspergillus Infection in a Lung Transplant Recipient
by Christopher G Slatore, Veronica Yank, Kim D Jewell,
and Corinne L Fligner—Seattle, Washington
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