The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


November 2009 / Volume 54 / Number 11

Podcast   Editor’s Commentary

Original Research

Comparison of Semi-Quantitative Endotracheal Aspirates to Quantitative Non-Bronchoscopic Bronchoalveolar Lavage in Diagnosing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
by Shigeki Fujitani, Mark H Cohen-Melamed, Raymond P Tuttle, Edgar Delgado, Yasuhiko Taira, and Joseph M Darby—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Variation in the Rapid Shallow Breathing Index Associated With Common Measurement Techniques and Conditions
by Kapil N Patel, Kalpesh D Ganatra, Jason HT Bates, and Michael P Young—Burlington, Vermont
Work of Breathing in Adaptive Pressure Control Continuous Mandatory Ventilation
by Eduardo Mireles-Cabodevila and Robert L Chatburn—Cleveland, Ohio
The Addition of Mechanical Insufflation/Exsufflation Shortens Airway-Clearance Sessions in Neuromuscular Patients With Chest Infection
by Michelle Chatwin and Anita K Simonds—London, United Kingdom
Laboratory Evaluation of the Acapella Device: Pressure Characteristics Under Different Conditions, and a Software Tool to Optimize Its Practical Use
by Carlos Eduardo Alves Silva, Josiel G Santos, José M Jansen, and Pedro Lopes de Melo—Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Influence of Breathing Pattern During Nebulization on the Delivery of Arformoterol Using a Breath Simulator
by Andrea Bauer, Paul McGlynn—Marlborough, Massachusetts
Li Li Bovet, Pamela L Mims—Durham, North Carolina
Lisa A Curry and John P Hanrahan—Marlborough, Massachusetts

Case Report

Varicose Bronchiectasis and Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
by Don Hayes Jr, Vesna M Kriss, Joseph A Iocono, Brian J Dixon, Paul Bryan Collins, and Hubert O Ballard—Lexington, Kentucky

Teaching Case of the Month

Refractory Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure Due to Adenocarcinoma of the Lung With Predominant Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma Component
by Chakradhar Venkata, Jesus A Mireles and Saiprakash B Venkateshiah—Omaha, Nebraska


Don’t Use the Flawed Fixed Ratio to Diagnosis COPD
by Paul L Enright—Tucson, Arizona
and Gregg L Ruppel—St Louis, Missouri
author response by Neil R MacIntyre—Durham, North Carolina

Books, Software, & Other Media

In the Clinic: Practical Information About Common Health Problems From the Pages of Annals of Internal Medicine (Laine C and Goldmann DR)
reviewed by Genji S Terasaki—Seattle, Washington
Allergic Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment, 3rd edition (Lieberman P and Anderson JA, editors)
reviewed by Leif H Bjermer and Sonja Werner—Lund, Sweden
From Both Ends of the Stethoscope (Petty TL)
reviewed by William F Spence—Seattle, Washington
Clinical Asthma (Castro M and Kraft M)
reviewed by Le Thi Tuyet Lan—Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Manual of Emergency Airway Management, 3rd edition (Walls RM and Murphy MF)
reviewed by Maged Y Argalious—Cleveland, Ohio
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