The Science Journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care


December 2008 / Volume 53 / Number 12

Podcast   Editor’s Commentary


Mid-Frequency Ventilation in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: The New Wave…length?
by C Corey Hardin and R Scott Harris—Boston, Massachusetts
The Role of Tiotropium in the Hospital Management of Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
by Donald P Tashkin—Los Angeles, California
Do Respirators Protect Health-Care Workers From Airborne Infectious Diseases?
by Lewis J Radonovich Jr—Gainesville, Florida Michael J Hodgson—Washington, D.C. and Howard J Cohen—West Haven, Connecticut
The Challenge of Improving the Health Care Literacy of the Asthma Community
by Douglas E Masini—Savannah, Georgia and Guha Krishnaswamy—Johnson City, Tennessee
Combining Medical Gases in the Treatment of Pulmonary Interstitial Emphysema: Novel, Yes: But Is It Safe?
by Peter Betit—Boston, Massachusetts

Original Contributions

Mid-Frequency Ventilation: Unconventional Use of Conventional Mechanical Ventilation as a Lung-Protection Strategy
by Eduardo Mireles-Cabodevila and Robert L Chatburn—Cleveland, Ohio
Incorporating Tiotropium Into a Respiratory Therapist-Directed Bronchodilator Protocol for Managing In-Patients With COPD Exacerbations Decreases Bronchodilator Costs
by Gail S Drescher, Bettye J Carnathan, Susan Imus, and Gene L Colice—Washington, D.C.
Wearing an N95 Respirator Concurrently With a Powered Air-Purifying Respirator: Effect on Protection Factor
by Marc R Roberge, Mark R Vojtko, Raymond J Roberge, Richard J Vojtko, and Douglas P Landsittel—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
An Assessment of a Pilot Asthma Education Program for Childcare Workers in a High-Prevalence County
by Suzanne K Saville—Petaluma, California
Ruth Wetta-Hall, Suzanne R Hawley, Craig A Molgaard, Theresa St Romain, and Traci A Hart—Wichita, Kansas
Bench Study on Active Exhalation Valve Performance
by Guang-Yu Jiao and John W Newhart—San Diego, California
Aerosol Delivery of Recombinant Human DNase I: In Vitro Comparison of a Vibrating-Mesh Nebulizer With a Jet Nebulizer
by Jeremy C Johnson, J Clifford Waldrep, Jennifer Guo, and Rajiv Dhand—Columbia, Missouri
Management of Tracheostomy: A Survey of Dutch Intensive Care Units
by Denise P Veelo, Marcus J Schultz, Kai YN Phoa, Dave A Dongelmans, Jan M Binnekade—Amsterdam, The Netherlands
and Peter E Spronk—Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Chemical and Physical Compatibility of Levalbuterol Inhalation Solution Concentrate Mixed With Budesonide, Ipratropium Bromide, Cromolyn Sodium, or Acetylcysteine Sodium
by Philip J Bonasia, William K McVicar—Marlborough, Massachusetts
Bill Williams—Columbia, Missouri
and Shaowei Ong—Marlborough, Massachusetts

Review Articles

The Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome
by Mark Anthony Powers—Durham, North Carolina

Case Reports

Heliox With Inhaled Nitric Oxide: A Novel Strategy for Severe Localized Interstitial Pulmonary Emphysema in Preterm Neonatal Ventilation
by Rajesh S Phatak—East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Charles F Pairaudeau—Nottingham, United Kingdom
Christopher J Smith—Leeds, United Kingdom
Peter W Pairaudeau, and Hilary Klonin—East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Use of a High-Flow Oxygen Delivery System in a Critically Ill Patient With Dementia
by Tatjana P Calvano, Joshua M Sill, Kenneth R Kemp, and Kevin K Chung—Fort Sam Houston, Texas

Teaching Case of the Month

Pulmonary Masses in Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis: Mechanistic Explanations
Ritesh Agarwal, Rajagopala Srinivas, Ashutosh N Aggarwal, and Akshay K Saxena—Chandigarh, India


Emerging Gram-Negative Antibiotic Resistance: Daunting Challenges, Declining Sensitivities, and Dire Consequences
by Subhash C Arya, Nirmala Agarwal, and Shekhar Agarwal—Delhi, India
author response by Robert E Siegel—Bronx, New York

Books, Software, & Other Media

Therapeutic Strategies: Asthma. Modern Therapeutic Targets. Polosa R, Holgate ST, editors.
reviewed by Leandro G Fritscher and Kenneth R Chapman—Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Respiratory Care Anatomy and Physiology: Foundations for Clinical Practice, 2nd edition. Beachey WD.
reviewed by J M Cairo—New Orleans, Louisiana
A-Z of Chest Radiology. Planner A, Uthappa MC, Misra RR.
reviewed by Martha E Billings—Seattle, Washington
Management of Acute Pulmonary Embolism. Konstantinides SV, editor.
reviewed by Renee D Stapleton—Burlington, Vermont
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