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December / Volume 56 / Number 12

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Original Research

Do Commonly Used Ventilator Settings for Mechanically Ventilated Adults Have the Potential to Embed Secretions or Promote Clearance?
by George Ntoumenopoulos, Harriet Shannon, and Eleanor Main—London, United Kingdom
High Flow Through a Nasal Cannula and CPAP Effect in a Simulated Infant Model
by Teresa A Volsko—Akron, Ohio
Kathy Fedor, Jason Amadei, and Robert L Chatburn—Cleveland, Ohio
AccuO2 Oximetry-Driven Oxygen-Conserving Device Versus Fixed-Dose Oxygen Devices in Stable COPD Patients
by Kathryn L Rice, Matthew F Schmidt, John S Buan,
Francene Lebahn, and Ted K Schwarzock—Minneapolis, Minneasota
Survey of Respiratory Therapy Education Program Directors in the United States
by Thomas A Barnes, Robert M Kacmarek—Boston, Massachusetts
and Charles G Durbin Jr—Charlottesville, Virginia
User Error With Diskus and Turbuhaler by Asthma Patients and Pharmacists in Jordan and Australia
by Iman A Basheti, Eyad Qunaibi—Amman, Jordan
Sinthia Z Bosnic-Anticevich, Carol L Armour—Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Samar Khater, Muthana Omar—Amman, Jordan
and Helen K Reddel—Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Patient Safety Attitudes Among Respiratory Therapists in Taiwan
by Huei-Guan Shie, Wui-Chiang Lee—Taipei, Taiwan
Hsiu-Feng Hsiao, Hui-Ling Lin—Taoyuan, Taiwan
Ling-Ling Yang, and Fang Jung—Taipei, Taiwan
Prolonged Slow Expiration Technique in Infants: Effects on Tidal Volume, Peak Expiratory Flow, and Expiratory Reserve Volume
by Fernanda C Lanza, Gustavo Wandalsen, Ana Caroline Dela Bianca,
Carolina L Cruz—São Paulo, Brazil
Guy Postiaux—Charleroi, Belgium
and Dirceu Solé—São Paulo, Brazil
Vibration-Response Imaging Versus Quantitative Perfusion Scintigraphy in the Selection of Patients for Lung-Resection Surgery
by Fatma Comce, Zuleyha Bingol, Esen Kiyan, Serhan Tanju,
Alper Toker, Pembe Cagatay, and Turhan Ece—Istanbul, Turkey
The Effects of Low and High Tidal Volume and Pentoxifylline on Intestinal Blood Flow and Leukocyte-Endothelial Interactions in Mechanically Ventilated Rats
by Priscila Aikawa—São Paulo, Brazil
Haibo Zhang—Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Carmen SV Barbas, Rogério Pazetti, Cristiano Correia, Thaís Mauad,
Eliézer Silva, Paulina Sannomiya, Luiz F Poli-de-Figueiredo,
and Naomi Kondo Nakagawa—São Paulo, Brazil

Case Reports

Portable Pulse-Dose Oxygen Concentrators Should Not Be Used With Noninvasive Ventilation
by Salvador Díaz Lobato, Esteban Pérez Rodríguez,
and Sagrario Mayoralas Alises—Madrid, Spain
Intrapleural Streptokinase for the Treatment of Chylothorax
by Yeh Chunn Kuan, Soon Hin How, Teck Han Ng,
and Abdul Rani Mohammed Fauzi—Kuantan, Malaysia
Use of Hypothermia to Allow Low-Tidal-Volume Ventilation in a Patient With ARDS
by Melissa Duan, Lorenzo Berra, Asheesh Kumar, Susan Wilcox, Steve Safford,
Robert Goulet, Michelle Lander, and Ulrich Schmidt—Boston, Massachusetts
Organizing Pneumonia and Non-necrotizing Granulomata on Transbronchial Biopsy: Coexistence or Bronchiolitis Obliterans Organizing Pneumonia Secondary to Mycobacterium kansasii Disease
by Daniel Starobin, Vladimir Guller, Alexander Gurevich, Gershon Fink,
Monica Huszar, and Sari Tal—Gedera, Israel

Teaching Cases of the Month

Dyspnea Associated With Dermatomyositis
by Kevin P Collins—San Marcos, Texas
Harsh Babbar, and Said H Soubra—Round Rock, Texas
Lung Abscesses in 2 Patients With Lancefield Group F Streptococci (Streptococcus milleri Group)
by Vijaya K Gogineni and Ariel Modrykamien—Omaha, Nebraska


Is It Time to Monitor Flow Bias During Mechanical Ventilation?
by Marcia Souza Volpe—Minas Gerais, Brazil
and Marcelo Britto Passos Amato—São Paulo, Brazil
High-Flow Nasal Cannula for Neonatal Respiratory Distress: Is It Enough?
by Christoph P Hornik and David A Turner—Durham, North Carolina
Oxygen: The Kiss of Life
by Stefano Nava—Bologna, Italy
2015 and Beyond: Usable and Unbiased Data
by Lynda T Goodfellow—Atlanta, Georgia
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