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CRCE Through The Journal:
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What to Study

The most recent issue of RESPIRATORY CARE is the only resource you will need to answer the 10 true-or-false questions. Only the first five journal articles are included in the CRCE test. Each question notes the main author at the end in parentheses so you know which article to study. The exam will remain active through the 15th of the following month. Take the exam every month, or just when you choose.


CRCE Through the Journal will be completed through AARC University. You will use your AARC login and password to sign in. In AARC University you will register for the course, view a short introduction video, download that month’s RESPIRATORY CARE articles if you do not have access to the hardcopy, and take the test. The course can be found in the My Programs section of AARC University after you have registered.

Taking the Test

After registering for the course and completely viewing the course introduction video, the test will be available. A link to access the test can be found within the course module or by using the link titled My Course Certificates in AARC University. After entering your test you will be provided with a score. If you answer 7 or more of the 10 questions correctly, you pass the test. If you do not pass the test the first time you will have one additional chance. After passing the test, please make sure to click Continue to complete the evaluation and submit your data. Your submission will not be accepted without completing these steps.

In the My Course Certificates section of AARC University you may print a Certificate of Completion. Your newly-acquired CRCE contact hour will also be added to your web-based AARC transcript.

To Complete the Program

  1. Register online in AARC University using the links above.
  2. Study the first five articles of that month’s issue of RESPIRATORY CARE.
  3. View the course introduction video.
  4. Achieve a passing score on the exam. Remember, you are given two attempts. Good luck!
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